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Title:  Surrender
Author:  TJ Dragonblade
Fandom:  Naruto
Pairing:  YamaSai
Rated:  18+
Word Count:  ~800
Warnings:  Explicit M/M sex
Notes:  Written for YamaSai Day.  Blame it on this post:…

Summary:  Sex with Yamato is overwhelming

On LJ:…
On AO3:…


United States
Hi. I go by TJ. I'm not what you'd call an artist, though I have occasionally produced art worth sharing. I am a fan-writer, though. What you see in the gallery is relatively recent and only those things which can safely be posted without violating dA's ToS; some of them are posted with edits for compliance. See my AO3 account (linked below) for unedited versions and all my other fic.

I mostly write slash-yaoi-M/M or whatever one prefers to call it. My current fandom is Naruto and my pairing of choice is Yamato x Sai. Which not to say that it's the only thing I write, just that it's my favorite. And it needs more attention.

I have a husband, two kids and a full-time career so if it takes me awhile sometimes to keep up with correspondence, I appreciate your patience. ^_^

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